Agency Profile, Objectives and Funding

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The Metro-Atlanta Crime Commission, founded in 2013, is a public crime prevention / intervention agency established to provide anti-crime education, public safety programs and resources, youth intervention & youth diversionary programs and bridge the gap between citizens and local law enforcement. Our two primary functions are (a) to serve as a collaborative hub for synchronizing all necessary agencies, groups, departments, businesses, school systems, clergy, NPUs, citizens and activist groups into a model which will work effective together to stop and prevent crime and (b) to offer and implement programs, projects and sservices for proactive and interactive public safety.


Though we interact with, consult with and utilize all of the following, we are not attorneys, we are not a law enforcement agency and we provide all information and instruction for information purposes as allowed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Use of our information, assistance or services is acknowledgement of these facts and consent not to hold the MACC nor any of its officers, officials nor instructors to any liability.


As you will see throughout our website, the MACC has several programs and services essential to reducing crime, increasing citizen and community safety, assisting our police departments, taking care of our seniors, women and even youth diversionary and intervention programs. We even offer gun control and gun safety training. And both our Police Encounters 101 program and our Make America Safe Again programs are set to go nationwide.


The MACC accomplishes these tasks by implementing our programs and services while collaborating and partnering with local law enforcement, small  businesses, corporation, civic and activist groups, non-profit organizations, the local religious community, school  systems, the juvenile justice system, the courts, the county, various cities governments and politicians throughout Metro-Atlanta.


Our objectives are for the Metro-Atlanta area including the city of Atlanta, the city of South Fulton, Fulton County, Dekalb County, Cobb County, Clayton County and Douglas County. And eventually Gwinnett County. Our Make America Safe Again campaign will be nationwide.

The Metro Atlanta Crime Commission objectives are:

1.To Decrease Crime in Metro-Atlanta

2.To Increase Personal Safety

3.To Initiate Collaborative Community Solutions for Real, Immediate and Lasting Crime Prevention

4.To Provide Youth Intervention Programs

5.To Train Our Youth in Life Skills

6.To Provide Youth Alternatives to Crime

7.To Increase Safety For Our Youth, Senior Citizens, Women, Schools, Worship Centers and Men



Our annual budget based on funds raised through membership, donations and fundraising activities is/will be used for the following:


•   Youth Scholarships

•   Administrative Expenses

•   Citizen and Youth Seminars / Workshops

•   Job Creation

•   Development of Community Assistance Materials

•   Research Analysis / Resource Databases

•   Instructor Stipends

•   Marketing / Advertising

*   Funds For Families of Fallen Officers