Public Safety / Crime Prevention Campaigns

Your donation or purchase helps us save lives, reduce, prevent and stop crime by supporting our Make America Safe Again gun safety awareness campaign, Police Encounters 101 and our community crime prevention program. Buy a few and spread the news. Click the "About Us" tab above then scroll down to see how your donations are making a difference. * Allow 7-10 business days for delivery. Email us for sizes not shown.

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Our objectives are for the Metro-Atlanta area including the city of Atlanta, the city of South Fulton, Fulton County, Dekalb County, Cobb County, Clayton County and Douglas County. And eventually Gwinnett County. Our Make America Safe Again campaign will be nationwide. MACC objectives are:

1.To Decrease Crime in Metro-Atlanta

2.To Increase Personal Safety

3.To Initiate Collaborative Community Solutions for Real, Immediate and Lasting Crime Prevention

4.To Provide Youth Intervention Programs

5.To Train Our Youth in Life Skills

6.To Provide Youth Alternatives to Crime

7.To Increase Safety For Our Youth, Senior Citizens, Women, Schools, Worship Centers and Men