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A citizen patrol does not mean chasing, subduing, confronting nor detaining anyone. Nor does it mean you are trying to be the police. But visibility, more eyes and ears, unified communities and trained, proactive citizens are proven, effective deterrents against crime.

There is also strong precedent for citizen patrols. They are all over the country. They are all over Georgia. They are in cities all around Atlanta. And the Metro-Atlanta Crime Commission conducted a 2 year test market  of our citizen patrol from 2020 to 2021 with 96 assists of police officers and citizens. Our results were 0 NEGATIVE INCIDENTS. The Metro Atlanta Citizen Patrol we launched will work and has been working. Help us help Metro-Atlanta instead of competing with us!

The core of our services is based on V.A.R.R.S. which stands for Visual Deterrence, Assistance By Request, Reminders, Reporting and Standby Support.

Realistically, no police department can be everywhere, all the time, every time, just in the nick of time. But citizens can be trained on what to do until help arrives.

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